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ASANA (to be) 
Noun: asana
A posture adopted in performing hatha yoga

Pronounced: /ˈɑːsənə/
origin: Sanskrit

Asana is a tool for realising our highest self. It is the art of mastering effortless effort where we can tune into many states of being and find the self in each of those states.

Through asana we cultivate the capacity for stillness and evolving consciousness, to become greater than who we perceive ourselves to be, to rest in our best in the moment.


About Us

Dreadlocks and Natural Hair Salon

We are a high-end dreadlocks and natural hair salon that is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2019 by two friends Gugu Nonjinge and Nomahlubi Hewu to suit the lifestyle of a contemporary woman.

Our main goal is to offer more than just hair care and styling. As a result, one of our core objectives is to create a community and sisterhood that is a safe space and also a conducive platform for knowledge sharing.

Contact Us

Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday : 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday : 09:00 - 13:00 

Public Holiday : 09:00 - 13:00

Shop 11, Wex 1, 4 Grey Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8001

+27 67 313 8581

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